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Dot C Software's flagship product, RenderDotC, is a world class photorealistic renderer* designed to meet the demands of special effects for film. The primary reason people give for choosing RenderDotC is its favorable price per performance ratio. Moreover, RenderDotC scores high marks on everything that matters for a production renderer:

  • Image Quality

    Images produced with RenderDotC possess that indescribable yet beautiful quality that some people refer to as "the RenderMan look". All phenomena that are prone to aliasing artifacts are effectively anti-aliased and noise is kept to a minimum.

  • Speed

    RenderDotC was designed in the 1990's to take advantage of the current hardware and software technologies. Its CPU and memory performance is unsurpassed by all renderers in its class.

  • Robustness

    There are hundreds of details to get right when developing a renderer and that only comes with maturity. RenderDotC has been shipping since 1996 and has proven itself on complex scenes from feature films from The Matrix to Orange County.

  • Features

    The RenderMan standard prescribes a rich set of geometric primitives and features. RenderDotC provides all of these plus some exclusive features such as NURB curves, DSO shadeops that can call built-in functions, and complete support for extended headroom rendering.

  • Flexibility

    Being RenderMan-compliant, RenderDotC supports user-programmable shading. It also has other plug-in interfaces including DSO shadeops, procedural primitives, and display drivers. Since shading is decoupled from hiding, one can easily tune the speed/quality tradeoffs of each.

  • Price

    RenderDotC is priced competitively for both the film and broadcast markets. When considering price, it's important to take into account speed. A faster renderer means that the same number of frames can be produced per hour with a smaller render farm. Fewer computers to purchase and maintain further reduces the bottom line.

  • Support

    As a company, Dot C Software has been around since 1992. Our customers' needs come first and we have the agility to respond to requests quickly. The people who wrote RenderDotC are the same ones that provide customer support. At Dot C we make software, period. We do not compete with our customers in the arena of computer graphics production.

  • RenderMan Compliant:

    RenderDotC adheres to the RenderMan standard. To our customers this means:

  • Compatibility

    Dozens of modelers, animation systems and plug-ins also adhere to the RenderMan standard and produce output in the RIB format. RenderDotC is immediately usable with any of these third party products.

  • Interchangeability

    Several other renderers also implement the RenderMan Interface. All of them are interchangeable, to a certain extent, with RenderDotC. Users can select the most appropriate renderer for the job on a shot-by-shot basis without having to deal with a non-standard interface.

  • Documentation

    Several books and a wealth of online documentation exists that describe the RenderMan Interface and Shading Language, from beginner tutorials all the way up to advanced techniques. User support groups are available on the internet to answer questions and help solve problems as they arise. All of these resources apply to RenderDotC as much as they do to other compliant renderers.

  • Power

    The RenderMan standard prescribes an ambitious list of geometric primitives and advanced features required by any compliant implementation. Since RenderDotC adheres to the standard, users can concentrate on creating their digital content and be assured that the renderer will have all of the features necessary to finish the job.

  • HTML Documentation:

    Documentation for RenderDotC is available online.


    Download RenderDotC v3.4 (crippled by resolution). To request a license for a full version, contact <>

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Windows (Pentium)

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Windows (IA-64)

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Linux (Pentium)

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Linux (PowerPC)

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Linux (IA-64)

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Irix (Mips 3)

    RenderDotC v3.4 for Irix (Mips 4)

    Older versions for unsupported platforms:

    RenderDotC v3.3.5 for HP-UX (IA-64)

    RenderDotC v3.3.5 for HP-UX (PA-RISC)


    Installation instructions for Windows

    Installation instructions for Irix

    Installation instructions for Linux

    Installation instructions for HP-UX

    RenderDotC Mailing List: Join the RenderDotC Mailing List

    RenderDotC is: Copyright © 1996-2015 by Dot C Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

    The RenderMan® Interface Procedures and RIB Protocol are: Copyright © 1987, 1988, 1989, 1995 Pixar. All rights reserved. RenderMan® is a registered trademark of Pixar.